Hi! My name is Frédéric Harper—but everyone calls me Fred—and I am so glad to join MeiliSearch as the Director of Developer Relations. I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity, not just because we have a strong product and an amazing team, but also because I truly believe in the power of Open Source, and that search is sexy. My job here is to ensure that you—our developers—have everything you need to be successful. We want your feedback to influence every aspect of MeiliSearch’s development: from new features and integrations, all the way to the documentation. Think of us as travel companions, accompanying you on your journey as contributors and users. We are looking forward to helping our community, your community, to continue to grow. But for now, let me start by telling you more about myself.

You might have noticed that my name sounds French. Yes, I speak French, but I'm not based at our headquarters in Paris; I live in Montréal, in cold, cold Canada. I've been a part of the software industry for nearly 20 years—first as a Software Developer, then as a Developer Advocate (feel free to add me on LinkedIn). This role is a perfect mix between my passion for tech and, as weird as it may sound, my passion for people! In the past I've worked at companies of all sizes, from startups like npm to larger organizations like Mozilla and Microsoft. I'm the kind of (crazy) person who loves JavaScript and all its quirks, but have also spent my fair share of time with other programming languages. I'm pragmatic and respectful of whatever tools and technologies you like—except if it's Emacs 🤣.

I'm extremely social and a true extrovert, so don’t be shy if our paths ever cross at an event once this pandemic is over. I also consider myself a crazy cat man: take a look at my Instagram account, you'll understand what I mean. I spend a considerable amount of time on Twitter, so please come say hi. When I'm not speaking at a conference, I love to try out coffee shops or microbreweries, travel to new places, and create video content or write on my blog—which hasn’t gotten enough love lately. Aside from that, I'm trying to be a better human, which has led me to actively study Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. It's also hard to admit, but I spend way too much time on Netflix, especially since the apocalypse knocked on our door. It goes without saying that I welcome movie or TV show suggestions.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and would be happy to see you in our Slack community. I would also love for you to message me and share your experience using or contributing to MeiliSearch. Don't spare me the details. Seriously, I want to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly. See you soon…

P.S.: if you really want to see my face, click here.