Time to close the door behind Hacktoberfest 2022! What an event it was, the time has come to sum up our learnings for this year to better prepare for the future.

For the third time in a row, everyone at Meilisearch was very excited to be participating in Hacktoberferst, probably one of the most popular celebrations of the open-source community online.

We were very grateful for everyone support and contributions throughout the month, please find below the recap we’ve shared internally.

Our teams really enjoyed taking part into the event, leaving us no choice but to go for one more round next year: Hacktoberfest 2023, here we come!

Here, you can find the slides of the presentation with a few comments for context:

It’s important to keep in mind the way we count our PRs might be slightly different from the official counting. In the following graph, we counted any PR merged during October, and we included the PRs that were validated but not merged in time on October 31st. Some PRs were open before October 1st but still benefited from the “Hacktoberfest approved” tag since they were completed during October.

We were truly blown away by the number of contributions we received this year! We didn’t quite reach our fourth goal, but we set it as such, knowing it was definitely going to be a challenge. At the same time, we were thrilled to see we weren’t that far away from it!

These objectives being hit isn’t just an ego boost for us. It also translates directly into monetary donations for various organizations we’ve selected before the start of the event. The following organizations were selected on the basis of causes that are important to us. We also tried to find some groups that were geographically close to some of the employees of Meilisearch. This second criterion is because we wish to establish a stronger link with the organizations we donate to. We’d love to remain in touch with them and maybe see how our donation- by extension yours!- has potentially improved things for them.

As we mentioned briefly, these donations wouldn’t have been achievable without your support and contributions throughout the whole month of October! We wish to extend a big thank you to everyone for that.