October is here, and a new edition of Hacktoberfest has begun. Meilisearch is thrilled to be a part of it for the very first time!

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is an event created by DigitalOcean in order to support the open-source community by encouraging developers to contribute to open-source projects. Participants can earn prizes like t-shirts, or even have a tree planted in their name! 🌱 Sounds good? Fortunately, it's open to everyone.

The rules are simple: to earn your Hacktoberfest tee or tree reward, you must make four valid pull requests (PRs) on GitHub during the month of October. If you want to claim a reward, you’ll have to create an account on the official Hacktober website.

How can I contribute to Meilisearch?

Meilisearch's team maintains the core Meilisearch repository and a wide range of tools that are continuously improved: API wrappers, framework plugins, SDKs, etc.

Meilisearch maintains a lot of helpful libraries that are also open-source

You can find here all the open-source repositories we maintain covering all your favorite languages (JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, Rust, and more).

Among our repositories, you should find some issues with the Hacktoberfest tag. Take your pick from these, or go after any issue you want— we will tag your PR accordingly!

The Meilisearch community

Taking care of our community is one of our main priorities. Although we are already very involved in welcoming our new contributors, we are constantly looking for ways to improve this experience.

We know that one’s first time contributing to an open-source project can be intimidating. That’s why we are happy to guide you step by step through this process.

Feel free to ask any questions on GitHub issues directly or on our Slack—either in the dedicated #contribution channel or in a private message with me (Clémentine).

Maintaining Meilisearch's tools takes a lot of work. We are very proud that external contributors are active in our repositories. Some of our best tools were born outside the Meili team, created by open-source contributors—some of whom had never even contributed to an open-source project before! Who knows, maybe you could be the next one to contribute to Meilisearch! 😉

See you soon on GitHub 🚀