On June 11, 2024, Meilisearch hosted a live event packed with product updates, sneak peeks, and roadmap discussions. If you couldn't make it, here's a quick recap of what went down.

AI-powered search refresher and new embedders

Our product team took the stage to share insights into developing our AI-powered search solution and outlined our vision for providing ready-to-use components for seamless AI-powered search integration. By adding semantic and AI capabilities to Meilisearch's core keyword and full-text product, we introduced a hybrid search solution in early 2024.

To streamline the developer experience, we have since added Ollama and REST embedders for easier integration within the v1.8 scope.

You are welcome to try out the hybrid search feature using our movie demo database

We also introduced several new features designed to improve search relevancy in v1.9:

  • Negative keyword search: exclude unwanted results easily.
  • New frequency matching strategy: enhance search accuracy by removing the most common term found in the dataset.
  • Filter by score: set a baseline rankingScore to return only results considered "good enough" in terms of relevancy.
  • Get similar documents: utilize AI to find similar documents within your dataset.

This new feature set is slated for launch on July 1st.

Query suggestions sneak peek

Attendees also got a sneak peek into an upcoming release. The new query suggestions feature aims to enhance search efficiency by returning real-time, relevant suggestions as users type, ordered by popularity. This feature leverages cloud search analytics to generate and rank suggestions based on popularity and relevance. Designed for seamless integration, it requires no new endpoints or tools and is expected to be released in Q3. Ongoing improvements will be based on user feedback.

Check out the recording of the event for more details:

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