Meilisearch Cloud introduces the all-new Teams feature. Now you can host and manage your projects in collaboration with your teammates.

Keep reading to learn how to use our Teams feature.

Creating a team

From your main dashboard, click on the dropdown menu next to the Meilisearch logo on the top navbar, select Create a team. By clicking it and assigning a name to your team, your collaborative space is instantly set up.

Create a team

Inviting team members

To invite your colleagues, navigate to the team settings, click on Invite new member, and enter their email address.

Invite new member

When you invite someone to a team, they receive an invitation link via email, and upon acceptance, they can start collaborating immediately. If they already have an account, a notification pops up on their dashboard too.


Every team member can create their own projects, ensuring everyone has a say in the collaboration.

Managing a team

For team owners have extensive control. They can modify project plans and update billing information.

From the Team settings section, team owners can rename their team, manage user invitations and removals, and even transfer ownership.

Team settings

We hope this new release will improve collaboration with your team! Now start sending those invites 😜

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