Hi everyone! My name is Nathalie.

Besides enjoying throwing axes (not on people, of course!), I have recently joined MeiliSearch as the Product Manager of the SaaS team or, as we dubbed ourselves, “the Motorcycle crew” since we all own a motorcycle. Ok, mine is an electric scooter but, who cares? 🛴

Before throwing axes with my teammates, I used to work for big corporations as a Project Manager in Paris. For years, I focused on delivering outputs. I was far from what I have become today: a customer advocate.

The significant change came when I realized that I could help people focus on what matters by solving their pains. I Represent your voice at MeiliSearch, and I make sure that we keep on developing user-centric products.

At MeiliSearch, we all believe that everyone should get the opportunity to have access to wonderful search experiences. Not only for those having the means.
That is my mission.

Speaking of beautiful experiences, I am thrilled to announce to you that we are currently working on a cloud-hosted version of MeiliSearch! 🎉

You've got the power to decide what's next for the cloud-hosted version by:

👉 submitting your ideas or commenting on our public roadmap

👉 joining in the waiting list to participate in our beta

Moreover, I am also available for a chat or a video call.

I can't wait to meet you! See you soon!