🚀 Announcing Meilisearch 1.7

Meilisearch 1.7 stabilizes ranking score details, adds GPU support for Hugging Face embeddings, and integrates the latest OpenAI embedding models. It’s time to upgrade. 👇

Meilisearch 1.7 introduced new OpenAI embedders, adding to Meilisearch's AI-enhanced hybrid search capabilities. Read the blog post to learn more about hybrid search and sign up to our waiting list.

🍿 Watch our launch event

On March 7th, we discussed our roadmap, our recent releases and showcased Meilisearch Cloud’s new features, including monitoring metrics and hybrid search.

Join @StriftCodes in this comparative analysis as he delves into the pros and cons of each solution and how hybrid search might offer the best of both worlds.

🟧 Laravel multitenancy guide

Implement search in a multitenant Laravel application.

💻 Computing Hugging Face embeddings with the GPU

Learn to compile a Meilisearch binary that leverages an Nvidia GPU to generate Hugging Face embeddings.

🔢 From ranking to scoring

Our journey to add relevancy scores to search results in Meilisearch.

🪼 Meilisearch v1.8 release candidate

Get a preview of what’s coming next (and give your feedback!)

🚀 Strapi v4 guide

Learn how to integrate Meilisearch with Strapi.

🥰 Made with Meilisearch

The folks at Blazity have created this impressive Next.js storefront designed for high-performance eCommerce, featuring AI capabilities and one-click deployment.

We’re always looking to promote new projects from the community. Post yours in the #built-with-meilisearch Discord channel!

🏡 Life at Meili

Join our Head of Engineering, @clurquizar, as she walks us through key points of Meilisearch’s history and our evolution as an open-source company.

🦸 We're hiring!

See our open positions:

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