It is never easy to start a blog, we never know what to say on the first blog post 😱 so I will keep it simple here.

We are Meili, a team of three developers. In our previous job we worked on building a search engine aiming for the best end-user experience.

The most common alternatives were Algolia or ElasticSearch. Where the first one is only available as a service, you hand over your data and could be expensive. The second one is overkill for a simple end-user search,  complicated to setup and configure.

So here came our idea to develop an open source alternative to Algolia, easy to setup, lightweight and fast.


...Welcome on our blog! 🎉

I expect we will use it as often as possible to talk about what we build, company news and various thoughts.

(I just hope I won't be the only reader of this blog 🤭)