This feature enhances your dashboard experience by offering a comprehensive view of Meilisearch's asynchronous operations.

Core features

  • Detailed task list: the Tasks View showcases a list of your tasks, detailing their UID, status, type, index UID, duration, and enqueued date. Moreover, you can sort the list based on these parameters.
  • JSON panel: alongside the list, there's a panel displaying the selected task's JSON, which can easily be copied.
  • Filtering: you can sift through tasks based on their status, type, and date.
  • Refresh option: whenever a task is enqueued, the Show new tasks button lets you decide when to view the latest task without disrupting your current view.
  • Customization: customize the view further by toggling the columns' visibility according to your preferences.
Tasks view screenshot

Compatibility notes

  • Version requirements: this feature is exclusively available for projects that run on Meilisearch v1.0.0 or higher.
  • Latest version perks: for those using the Meilisearch v1.3.0 or above, the Tasks View also displays the count of fetched tasks.

We hope this addition enhances your project management efficiency. Enjoy exploring!