We’re announcing the release of Meilisearch 1.5. Let’s dive into some of the most important changes.

Meilisearch 1.5 is also available on Meilisearch Cloud—upgrade without any downtime now.

Indexing speed improvements

We’re excited to release the first of a series of improvements to Meilisearch’s indexing speed. 🎉

We’ve noticed up to 25% faster indexing depending on the use case. The performance gain is more significant on datasets containing a lot of words like wikis or ebooks.

We’ve achieved this by tweaking the settings for multiple-words queries. If you see any impact on your search relevancy, let us know!

Take a look at the indexing speed benchmarks.

There’s more regarding indexing speed in version 1.6—but I don’t want to spoil anything 🤫

New feature: on-demand snapshots

A snapshot is a copy of your database. Snapshot files are useful to backup your database content and settings. Meilisearch 1.5 introduces the ability to create snapshots on demand.

To create a snapshot, use the relevant SDK method or the REST API. In JavaScript, create a snapshot like this:

const client = new MeiliSearch({ /* credentials */ })
const task = await client.createSnapshot()
You can also schedule automatic snapshots on regular intervals.

Experimental feature: Puffin reports

Puffin reports allow to get information about what’s happening in the search engine. Enabling this feature will make Meilisearch automatically export .puffin file reports. If you’re encountering performance issues, make sure to share your reports with the Meilisearch team.

This experimental feature can be enabled via the REST API:

curl \
  -X PATCH 'http://localhost:7700/experimental-features/' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  \
--data-binary '{
    "exportPuffinReports": true
Give feedback regarding Puffin reports in this Github discussion.

Contributors shout-out

We’re grateful for all the community members who participated to this release. We would like to thank @braddotcoffee, @harshau007, and @vivek-26. Also, thanks to @choznerol and @xshadowlegendx for contributing to Charabia, Meilisearch’s tokenizer. Finally, we extend special thanks to our SDKs maintainers. 🫶

Learn how you can contribute to Meilisearch.

And that’s a wrap for v1.5! This release post highlights the most significant updates. For an exhaustive listing, read the changelog on Github.

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