⏳ Meilisearch v1.6 release candidate is now available

Get a sneak peek at Meilisearch v1.6, launching mid-January! This update promises major indexing performance improvements and introduces hybrid search for more comprehensive results.

⚠️ The current release candidate is for testing only and not recommended for production use. Feedback and bug reports are welcome to refine the final release.

🦀 Spotify-inspired: Elevating Meilisearch with Hybrid Search and Rust

How we created Arroy, a Rust library building upon the foundations of Spotify's Annoy.

🌟 We reached 40,000 GitHub stars!

A huge thank you to our incredible community for helping us reach this milestone! Your contributions, feedback, and enthusiasm have been pivotal in our journey. Thank you for being a part of our growing family.

Let's continue to reach new heights together!

📰 In the news

Everything you need to know to get started with this feature.

📈 Introducing Cloud search analytics

Get immediate actionable insight to optimize your search.

👥 Teams feature is available on Meilisearch Cloud

 Host and manage your projects in collaboration with your teammates.

✈️ Migrating to Meilisearch Cloud

Migrating from self-hosted? Here’s how to handle the migration.

🎓 Bucket sort guide

Understand the algorithm behind Meilisearch relevancy.

🥰 Made with Meilisearch

Bookshop.org is an online bookstore based in Brooklyn, New York, with a mission to support local, independent bookstores financially. They have integrated Meilisearch to enhance the search functionality within their extensive catalog.

Search results page from Bookshop.org, displaying over 1000 results for "m", and refining as the user keeps typing in the search bar

We’re always looking to promote new projects from the community. Post yours in the #built-with-meilisearch Discord channel!

🏡 Life at Meili

For us, what you value in work is as important as your technical skills, if not more so. Here’s a recruiter's advice on how to answer interview questions about values.

 A spinning top on a wooden surface.

🦸 We're hiring!

See our open positions:

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