Introducing Meilisearch's Vector search and Vector database to navigate the future of search

We’re excited to bring experimental support for vector search. This release introduces semantic and hybrid search capabilities to further enhance the search experience.

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🤗 Hugging Face success story

Hugging Face success story facilitating AI accessibility with Meilisearch Cloud

Meilisearch powers the discovery of 300,000+ AI models, datasets, and demos in the Hugging Face repository. Read to learn why Hugging Face chose Meilisearch Cloud to power their search.

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📚 Introducing Documentation Crawler


We’re introducing the Meilisearch Documentation Crawler to enable to users integrate search into any docs site—paste your URL and let it do its magic. ✨ Check out the video or read the blog post below.

Learn more about the Documentation Crawler.

📰 In the news

🔄 Syncing Meilisearch with your MySQL database

Learn how to keep Meilisearch in sync with your MySQL database.

🔝 How to boost your search results with filter scoring

Assign weights to your filters and prioritize documents based on how well they match your criteria.

Learn how to use LangChain with Meilisearch to build semantic search using similarity search.

🔍 Refining facets by ID with InstantSearch

Read this community article how to use Meilisearch with Pydantic.

🔼 Vercel marketplace integration

The Vercel marketplace now lists 1 search integration—Meilisearch.

🍿 Prose linting with Vale

Learn the importance of a style guide in technical writing and how Vale ensures your content complies with it.

🤗 Made with Meilisearch

Our project of the month is Notiondesk allows you to turn a Notion database into a help center for customers.

Notiondesk use Meilisearch to power search in the help centers. Take a look at the search in this example.

The easiest way to build a help center with Notion
We’re always looking to promote new projects from the community. Post yours in the #built-with-meilisearch Discord channel!

🏡 Life at Meili

Our off-sites are designed to help people bond and get to know each other better without taking away the spontaneity of the connection. We want people to have fun without feeling pressured to perform.

Brittany, France
Brittany, France

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🦸‍♀️ We’re hiring!

See our open positions:

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