Welcome to your bi-monthly dose of Meilisearch updates.

🤩 Meilisearch v1.2 is live

Meilisearch v1.2 is here everybody! Don’t forget to update your current version of Meilisearch to the latest one available to enjoy all the news features such as:

  • Enhanced document management via filters ⚒️
  • New IS NULL and IS EMPTY filter operators
  • Engine improvements 🚀
  • And more!

Check out Laurent’s blog post for an in-depth look at what is new in v1.2.

🐾 What to expect from v1.3

With all that being said, we want to pump you up for the start of a new week! Here's the list of things we're working on for v1.3:

  • Search for facet values
  • Displaying ranking details at search
  • Sort facet values by alphanumerical or value count order
  • Customizing text separators
  • Define fields to search on at search-time
The release candidate for v1.3 is out—try it now!

We hope to have caught your attention now…

🤖 Vector search for Meilisearch

Last but not least, v1.3 will also bring Vector Search! We’ve started experimenting with it for the first time this year and are excited to take our first steps into AI. Read the announcement.

If you’re as curious as us about this topic, we’re delighted to announce we’ve released a prototype that allows Meilisearch to serve as a vector store. With this prototype, Meilisearch accepts vectors in the documents, stores them, and lets users retrieve the nearest documents using the search endpoint.

We’d be grateful if you wanted to try our prototype and share your feedback with us in this Discord conversation.

📰 In the news


🎁 June giveaway!

This June, we’re hosting a giveaway! To join it, submit a PR in any of our repos, have it merged by a member of our team, and share the link to it in the ⁠giveaway channel of our Discord. You’ll automatically be participating in the lottery for the chance to win some exclusive Meiliswag, similar to the one you can see below!


☁️ Search-as-a-service Meilisearch Cloud is open to the public

Now any business can benefit from Meilisearch’s exceptional developer and search experience without dealing with server management!

🧠 Squeezing millions of documents in 128 TB of virtual memory

Curious to know more about how dynamic management of virtual memory enabled us to remove limitations in Meilisearch indexing policy? Check out this blog post!

Success stories

👶 Minipouce.fr provides a top-grade customer experience with Meilisearch's open-source offering

With Meilisearch, Minipouce.fr can maintain its commitment to delivering the best possible user experience. Read about Minipouce’s efforts to make parents’ lives easier.

📚 Bookshop.org increases search-based purchases by 43% with Meilisearch

How Meilisearch helped Bookshop.org boost their sales and how we made it happen.

🌾 Made with Meilisearch

Our featured project of the month is 1jeune1solution.gouv.fr submitted by our Meilistar LiquidIT. This platform is an French government’s initiative to help young people get into the job market. Meilisearch allows users to search through a comprehensive list of jobs to quickly find their ideal offer.

The website is built with Next.js and the repository is available on Github. The codebase gives numerous examples of how to implement Meilisearch with React InstantSearch Hooks using facets, custom components, and URL synchronization.

We’re always looking to promote new projects from the community. Post yours in our #built-with-meilisearch Discord channel!

👯‍♂️ Meilisearch life

The HR team presents a rundown of our best practices for a successful offsite with a remote-first team.

We are recruiting!

Wishing that you pass all your CI pipelines,

The Meilisearch team