Adding documents to Meilisearch is taking longer than expected? The following tips will help you speed up the indexing process.

This is a very short guide. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can read our article on indexing best practices.

Define searchable attributes

To speed up indexing, review the searchable attributes list and ensure it includes only the fields you want to be checked for query word matches. This improves relevance and search speed by eliminating irrelevant data and preventing unnecessary database growth.

Utilize filterable and sortable attributes

Some fields may not contain text but can still be vital for filtering and sorting results. Evaluate if numeric and boolean field values can be part of the filterable or sortable attributes lists.

Review ranking rules

Modifying ranking rules may trigger a reindexing process. Consider the impact and plan accordingly.

Optimize document size

Smaller documents are processed faster. Compress your data using methods such as br, deflate, or gzip supported by Meilisearch. Refer to the documentation for more details.

Keep up with the latest stable version

Regularly update to the latest Meilisearch release to take advantage of performance improvements that can significantly enhance indexing speed.


By following these recommendations, you can optimize the performance of Meilisearch and enhance the overall search experience for your users. If you have any question, you can join us on Discord.

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